Interesting Points About Frugal Living in the Depression That Work Today

Interesting Points About Frugal Living in the Depression That Work Today

The Great Depression was a difficult time that no one would ever want to live through again. It was a dark time where unemployment skyrocketed, the market crashed downward and the fear of war in Europe became prevalent.

However, it was also a time when many people devised new ways of frugal living in order to survive this time period. The Great Depression is a distant memory but there are a few things that you could do in particular to make it easier for you to live a better life.

Use Less If Possible

One great aspect of frugal living today involves using less of what you might get. The
problem with using some items is that you don’t really have to use it all up in some way.
For instance, diluting a shampoo bottle with a bit of water may actually work wonders as
it makes it easier for you to use less of something and to keep what you have working for
as long as possible.

Growing and Making Items Yourself

This sounds like an old record but the fact is that if you use your own skills to grow foods
on your own and to make clothing on your own then you might find that you’ll have
something that is productive to do and will allow you to save money. You might even be
a little more creative when getting it all ready as you could devise clothing designs that
are truly special and appealing. This could prove to be advantageous for giving you
something that fits in with the desires you’ve got.

Using All Items

People in the Depression often used their own methods for using all the items they had
without spending more on new items. For instance, you might be amazed at how people
in the Depression would work harder to use all the motor oil in their vehicles by not only
taking out every drop of oil in a container but to also filter out old oil to get some parts of
oil to be reused.

Of course, this is something that could work well regardless of what’s in your home. For
instance, if you have bread in your home then you should consider using every bit of
bread instead of throwing it out. Old bread materials may be used as compost in a yard if
you’re not going to eat it, for instance, thus saving you money on some of the materials
you’d use for making your garden stand out.

The Stranger Test is Useful

The stranger test is one point developed in the Depression that could work well. This is
where you will take a look at an item of interest and then picture a stranger offering you
the cash value for it. If you see yourself sticking with the stranger and the money then you may be better off avoiding the product you want to buy. This is a litmus test used to
determine if something of interest to you is really worthwhile.

The Great Depression is a thing of the past but the lessons learned then could really be to
your benefit. They can help you to save money in many ways.


  1. I’ve always wanted to get into growing my own fruits and vegetables in my backyard, but I have no idea where to start :(

  2. My Great Grandfather always had the best advice for saving money “save the pennies and the pounds will take care of them selves. <3 Poppa

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